How patient are you? If your family, friends, and work seem to be pulling you in 100 directions, how well do you handle the pressure? When you’re a family caregiver, patience is one of the most important traits to have. It doesn’t always seem easy, however.

Learn how to be more patient. Here are some of the best ways to be as patient as possible in different situations.

Know When to Say No

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. It’s hard telling others no, but you need to learn to put your foot down. There are ways to say no without hurting feelings. If others still react negatively. That’s on them.

Imagine your sister asks you to watch her kids again while she and her husband have another weekend alone. It’s the fourth time this summer. When you tell her no, be honest and explain you’re overwhelmed by work, household obligations, and parents’ care.

Walk Away and Regroup

When your parents are particularly argumentative, it’s tough to stay calm. If they’re in a bad mood, it can trigger your own attitude to turn negative. Know when to walk off and regroup.

Your mom has Alzheimer’s and refuses to get in the shower. She says she’s already bathed, but she smells sweaty and sour. You can’t let her skip another day. Don’t argue with her. Walk away and do something that distracts her. Music is one of the best ways to change her mood.

Once she’s calmed down, come up with a different approach. If she’s been fighting a shower, see if she’d like to relax in a bubble bath. The change may be enough to appeal to her. If that doesn’t work, bribery may be needed. Offer her an ice cream cone in the shower to eat while you bathe her.

Try a Fitness Program Like Yoga

Exercise is a great way to de-stress. If you pair that exercise with meditation, which is common in Tai Chi and Yoga, it benefits your body and mental health. Find easy-to-follow instructional videos online, on streaming services like YouTube, or at area wellness practices.

At the very least, get outside and take a walk in nature every day. Ease frustration by smelling the flowers, feeling the sun on your face, and hearing the birds sing.

Focus on Yourself First

It seems logical to want to be there for your spouse, significant other, parents, siblings, and children. If doing so means you’re pushing your own needs aside, it’s time to make some changes. When you’re stressed, you’re less likely to be patient.

Hire professional caregivers to help your parents. If you have breaks from their care, you can focus on self-care. Go out and socialize, have quiet time to yourself, do something fun, and enjoy yourself. If you’re taking care of yourself, you’re going to return to your parents’ home refreshed and energized.

Call a home care agency and ask to talk to a specialist. Discuss the things you do to help your parents each day. You’ll learn more about pricing and come up with a schedule. Caregivers will stop by and assist your parents as needed to keep them independent at home.

If you or an aging loved one is considering caregivers in Woodbury, MN, and the surrounding areas, please contact the friendly staff at CareBuilders at Home Minnesota. Call today 612-260-2273.

Your dad needs help with daily showers. It’s stressful for both of you. He doesn’t like having to rely on you. You both find it a little bit awkward. What are your options for making morning showers less stressful for you both?

Invest in a Shower Chair

If your dad needs help in the shower, it’s likely that he would benefit from having a chair to sit on while he’s showering. Some showers have built-in seats at one end. If not, a chair with rubberized suction feet is ideal. The feet keep it from slipping.

Install Grab Bars

While you’re helping him get in and out of the shower or bathtub, you want him to hold onto you for support. It’s also beneficial to have grab bars he can hold while you dry him off. Install them inside the tub or shower and on the wall right next to the tub or shower’s entry point.

Maintain a Level of Privacy With Extra Towels

While bathing, an extra towel helps him maintain a level of privacy. Unwrap areas one at a time to wash him. When one area is finished, cover him back up. Not only will this help with privacy concerns, but it also keeps him warm.

At the end of the shower, have a warm towel or robe he can wrap up in. It keeps him warm while you dry him off and apply moisturizer, style his hair, and help him shave if necessary.

Get a Hand-Held Shower Wand

It’s easy to change a showerhead for a hand-held shower wand. Unscrew the old showerhead, add some bead tape if needed, and screw on the hand-held shower wand. Check for leaks and tighten if necessary.

This hand-held shower wand is helpful in washing one area at a time. You control where the water is spraying, which makes it easier to keep the rest of him covered up. If you’re washing his feet, his torso can be wrapped up for warmth and privacy.

Is a Walk-In Tub Affordable?

Some older adults find the expense of a walk-in tub is worth it. Walk-in tubs have a seat, hand-held shower wand, and a sealing door that turns the shower into a jetted tub if a bath is designed. The seat is the right height for making it easy to stand up or sit down. Grab bars are also built-in.

Have Caregivers Take Over That Daily Task

Instead of being the one to help your dad, ask about caregivers. He may find it less stressful to have a professional caregiver helping him with showers and dressing. Once he’s done, you can help him with other tasks like getting breakfast, paying bills, and remembering to take his prescriptions.

How do you arrange home care services? Call an agency and talk about the things your dad needs help completing. You’ll find out prices and decide on a schedule.

If you or an aging loved one is considering caregivers in Woodbury, MN, and the surrounding areas, please contact the friendly staff at CareBuilders at Home Minnesota. Call today 612-260-2273.