Since the middle stages of dementia have set in, you’ve noticed your mom’s not doing as well as she used to in terms of hygiene and grooming. As much as you try to help her, your mom rebuffs your assistance, and certainly won’t let you be the one to help her with more intimate tasks like bathing and oral care. Personal care at home services are a good solution.

Proper Clothing Choices Protect Your Health

As dementia increases, the ability to properly choose clothing is tough. Your mom can’t understand what the weather forecast means or how to dress appropriately. You find she starts to wear heavy sweaters and jeans on the hottest days of summer. But, she tries to go outside without a hat, gloves, and heavy coat in the winter.

Personal care at home aides help your mom choose the clothing that matches the weather. She’ll no longer be dressed so that she’s overheating or risking hypothermia if she heads outside.

Your Mom Avoids Pain and Infections With Proper Skin Care Routines

Skin rashes and infections are both possible if your mom is unable to properly care for her skin. This includes washing her skin in a shower, rinsing off all of the soap and residue, and drying off after. She needs to apply moisturizer to protect her skin from drying out and cracking, which increases the risk of developing an infection.

If your mom experiences incontinence, irritation from exposure to urine is possible. After an accident, she should clean up, change her clothing and incontinence pad if needed, and apply a barrier cream. A caregiver can help her do this, as she isn’t going to be able to do it on her own.

Tooth and Gum Care Prevents Infection and Inflammation

As tempting as it is to just stop fighting your mom when it comes to brushing and flossing her teeth, it can lead to painful infections. Gum disease can lead to infections that impact the jawbone and loosened teeth. It makes it hard to eat any foods that need to be chewed.

It can also cause tooth decay which leads to the need for a root canal and crown placement. It’s very unlikely your mom will sit still for this type of procedure, and the care needs following tooth extraction are also concerning.

Arrange personal care at home services that support your mom’s needs in the latter stages of dementia. She’s going to need help with all aspects of grooming and hygiene, including showers, skin care, oral care, dressing, and everything else that she used to do.

Talk to your mom’s doctors about her progression and what you should be expecting in the future. After that conversation, arrange personal care at home to ensure her grooming and hygiene needs are covered.

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How often do you also think about including your brain in daily exercises when you’re working out? Physical activity is also one way to exercise the brain, but there are others.

A study determined that physical activity involving muscle contractions improved attention and memory skills. When mice were put onto treadmills and studied, researchers found that the hippocampus area of the mice’s brains developed new neurons.

Physical activity does help the brain stay healthy, but there are other ways to exercise the brain. Here are some of the best options.

Play Video Games Together

Some video games work on hand-eye coordination. Purchase detective and puzzle games to play with your parents. There are mysteries and puzzles to solve to advance the game’s plot. Games can be set in the past, present, or future.

Some games have you playing as a character, such as the Sherlock Holmes mystery games. You follow the story, look for clues, put the clues together using analytical skills, and solve the crimes or mysteries. There are many games where you must solve puzzles to escape areas or complete a challenge to move to the next level.

Assemble a Jigsaw Puzzle

Purchase jigsaw puzzles to work on together. Challenging puzzles take time, and they require a lot of critical thinking skills as you match colors, patterns within the picture, and shapes of the pieces.

Do a Crossword Together

Print out the daily crossword and complete it with your parents. You may know words they’re struggling to fill in, and they’ll know some you don’t. It works on recollection and vocabulary. Purchase a crossword book if you don’t feel like printing them out.

Take Dance Lessons

Take dance lessons together. Learn by watching videos or enrolling in a class. Dance is a great aerobic workout, but it also requires memorization and counting to get the steps down. You have to remember how to complete the movements in the proper sequence.

Visit Escape Rooms

You’re looking for a fun family outing to go on with your parents. Have you looked into an escape room? Often, you can have a group of up to ten people. The rooms are private, so only family is within the room. Escape rooms are cleaned between groups to prevent the spread of germs.

Work together to solve the puzzles, unlock doors, and work your way to the escape. There are different themes, and escape rooms change regularly. You can visit regularly and try a different room each time.

How Personal Care at Home Can Help

When you aren’t able to be there to help your senior keep their mind busy, personal care at home can step in to help. Personal care at home providers offer more than just medication reminders and ambulatory assistance. Companionship and social engagement are just two of the many other benefits of personal care at home providers.


If you or an aging loved one is considering personal care in Edina, MN, and the surrounding areas, please contact the friendly staff at CareBuilders at Home Minnesota. Call today 612-260-2273.